In the first week of November, the TEKHNÉ Chair team coordinated a a face-to-face meeting in Craiova (Romania) to review the work done and discuss the next steps of the TalentMaker Project (Erasmus+).

This project is helping multicultural elementary schools improve distance and face-to-face education through an innovative methodology based on Maker Education and Talent Promotion.

During the meeting the partners discussed the methodology, decided on the format of the digital capsules that will be designed during the project, participated in some talent workshops and created new workshops, visited one of the schools involved (Constantin Ianculescu), and assigned tasks and organized the next phases.

The meeting was attended by all the partners: UdiGitalEdu (Girona, Spain), El Pla school (Salt, Spain), University of Craiova (Craiova, Romania), Action Synergy (Athens, Greece), Alikarnassós school (Crete, Greece), and Constantin Ianculescu school (Carcea, Romania).

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