Creative STEAM

  • Project reference: 2020-1-EL01-KA227-SCH-094716
  • Budget: 33.690 €
  • Duration: 01/03/2021 – 28/02/2023
  • UdG Project Coordinator: Dr. Marta Peracaula


This project aims to increase the attractiveness of the STEAM subjects by mainstreaming the use of theatre techniques in secondary school education, and by the development of appropriate tools and networks. It aims to improve the children’s performance at schools and their and basic skills, specially in the STEAM subjects and areas, and to train teachers, so they can combine theatre and STEAM in a creative way. In order to achieve these objectives, the project is going to develop a methodology related with the application of theatre in the secondary school classroom that will be practice-oriented and will cover all the STEAM curriculum of the secondary school, with scenarios, examples and best practices.