The TIC TAC project is a development cooperation initiative that was born in the academic year 2011-2012 and lasted for 4 years. The project was developed in two Catalan schools with high percentages of students from migrant families with low income: the Dalmau Carles School in Girona and the Veïnat School in Salt.

The project was based on the idea that creativity, if well used, can become a fundamental tool for reducing poverty and an important motor for sustainable human development, and on the belief that ICTs applied in an innovative way in education can be of great help in developing creative thinking.

During all the 4 years of the project, the two schools were linked to the UdiGitalEdu group and the University of Girona. It was a project that opened the university to the school and vice versa. During the school year, groups of students from both schools regularly participated in workshops designed by our team. These were activities carried out at the schools, but mainly in our spaces in the Science and Technology Park of the UdG. The workshops were very multidisciplinary but had links with primary school curriculums. The project also included teacher training.

The project received funds from the UdG Development Cooperation Unit, and support from the Department of Education and the Girona and Salt City Councils.