Inventors4Change is a development cooperation project that has its roots in the volunteer work of a member of UdiGitalEdu at the Shanti Bhavan school in India.

Since 2009, over the years, the initiative has grown, transformed and incorporated more members of the group.

Initially it was a project focused exclusively on South India, to help schools that provide quality education to Dalit children. Apart from Shanti Bhavan, we also started working with several Parikrma schools in Bangalore. The idea was to help children develop creativity, critical thinking and a voice of their own through Creative Computing and Maker Education.

These actions were being carried out in India, but in parallel we had very similar actions in Catalonia, and from 2013 we decided to start a project of virtual exchanges and co-creation of digital stories, where teams of children from India and Catalonia were researching social topics, carrying out cultural exchanges, and using Scratch to co-create digital stories.

In 2017 the project also incorporated schools in Cali (Colombia), and became the seed of a European Erasmus+ project (InventEUrs), which followed the same model and philosophy but focusing on schools in several European countries.

In the current phase, we want to give a boost to the initiatives we started in India, making them sustainable by involving new educational agents in Bangalore: NGOs, Universities, museums, etc.

The project received funding from the UdG Development Coooperation Unit.