InventCat is one of the operations within the PECT 001-P-002064 project: “Girona, social and digital innovation: new answers to the challenges of the millennium”.

Specifically, the operation led by UdiGitalEdu is called “InventCat: co-creating inventions for social inclusion in the territory.” It started in 2021 and lasts for two years.

The initiative is inspired by two previous projects, Inventors4Change and InventEUrs, and aims to follow the same methodology but working with schools in our territory. The idea is to connect schools and teachers, to do collaborative work, where children organized in teams explore social issues, discuss with each other, and end up co-designing and co-creating digital stories (with Scratch) on the topics they have researched.

The project, apart from the direct implementation in schools and teacher training, also includes a part of the development of an online platform and an app, which will be the tools that teachers and children will end up using to participate in the project.

At the beginning, the project will focus on Gironès, Alt empordà and Garrotxa, but once the online tools and teaching materials are completed, we also want to internationalize it, and open it to new countries taking advantage of the networks of schools created in Inventors4Change and InventEUrs.