MonTech project: how to apply the Montessori methodology in technological activities

The MonTech project is based on this question: “If Maria Montessori were still alive, how would she use technology in the classroom, with children and teachers, without betraying the principles of her methodology?”. Therefore, its main objective is to bring the Montessori method closer to multicultural schools across Europe through educational technology (EdTech), which is characterized by being modern but economical so that schools with few material resources can access it.

The UdiGitalEdu research group at the University of Girona (UdG) is leading this project, together with the collaboration of seven other partners from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ireland.
It is currently a proposal that is in the design and drafting phase of the MonTech Guide for Teachers. In relation to this, the UdiGitalEdu group of the UdG has been in charge of coordinating this phase, with the special intervention of the experts in the Montessori method (the Montessori school Palau de Girona and the training center Waterpark Montessori International Ltd ). Consequently, in order to complete the MonTech guide, a training course has been held in Girona with 35 teachers from schools from all over Europe, through the project partners; and teachers from two schools in Salt: El Veïnat and El Gegant del Rec.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Escola Montessori Palau, la Factoria Cultural Coma Cros from Salt and Escola Politècnica Superior from the UdG, as they have given up their spaces to carry out these trainings.

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