MonTech KOM

On February 16 and 17, we organized the Kick-off meeting of the MonTech Project. This is a new Erasmus+ project where UdiGitalEdu is the coordinator.


For three years, we will design and implement methods and approaches inspired by Montessori pedagogy, rethinking its materials, and adding a new dimension of maker education, through the use of different technologies for creative learning. All this focused on helping teachers in multicultural European schools, with the purpose of helping to manage diversity in the classroom.


The KOM was attended by all the partners and, although it in the proposal was scheduled to be held in Girona, it had to be virtual due to the current global situation.


The project has 8 partners from 6 European countries. Some of them are experts in Montessori, others are schools, and others are expert organizations in the development of education projects for vulnerable groups. We, apart from coordinating the project, are the experts in Creative Technologies.


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