Early Mastery / PlayfulCoding (Erasmus+ Project)

Project reference: 2014-1-ES01-KA201-004462
Total Budget:  168.168 EUR
Duration:  01/09/2014 -31/08/2016
Funding:  Erasmus+ Program
IP: Xavier Cufí




Early Mastery/PlayfulCoding project, it is formed by eight partners from Catalonia, Italy, Romania, Wales and France, being the University of Girona the coordinator. It has a total budget of € 169,169 and it aims to introduce young people aged between 11 and 15 years in a field of experimentation, usually reserved for experts and technology students in higher education: programming.


This objective is achieved by letting them approach to this field in playful ways and linked to activities and to things that make sense to them: to allow them to feel comfortable with coding and to see coding as a way to express one self and to master the digital world in which they live. During the two years of the project life, the team will create a platform where to look for playful coding activities and implement them and a teacher’s guide to download and use as a reference tool for teaching programming in the schools.